21 Ways To Improve Motorcycle Safety Training

21 Ways To Improve Motorcycle Safety Training

Motorcycle safety

“Last February, 15 international motorcycle safety experts were asked to answer a simple question; “If you wanted to improve regular rider training and reduce crashes, how would you do it?” The experts have discussed the options, and have now released a new report titled “The State and Future of U.S. Rider Training,” which gives 21 ways to improve motorcycle safety training.

The experts, who consisted of racers, authors, scientists, trainers, and insurance experts, met for two days at the Rider School at Howard Community College to discuss how to improve motorcycle safety.

Here are some basic themes from the meeting:

There needs to be more training options for riders at every level. Motorcycle training shouldn’t be restricted to street bikes. States should have dirt programs as well. Training programs should get students out of the parking lot, or at least set up real life situations in the lot. The report talks about how today’s training falls short, and how training programs can be improved in the future. (You can read the full report here.)

“We’ve set out to imagine what might need to be added, subtracted and enriched in our current training system in order to have a substantial impact on crashes, to create the ideal rider training,” the report reads.

The panel of experts will present their study at the annual 2011 State Motorcycle Safety Administrators Conference in Des Moines, Iowa.”


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