Please follow the washing instructions on the care label located inside the garment

• Do not Dry Clean
• Do not iron or steam press

Prior to washing:
• Zip all zippers closed
• Close all Velcro

• Wash colors separately
• Machine wash cold & remove promptly
• Only use non-chlorine bleach when needed

• Tumble Dry on low immediately (colors will run if not dried immediately)
• Remove promptly from dryer when finished

Reapplying DWR:
• We recommend reapplying/reproofing your Durable Water Repellant (DWR) periodically – Once a year if not more often. The easiest way to determine if your DWR needs reapplication is (after your gear is dry) splash some water on the exterior material with your hands – If it beads up and rolls off your gear, your DWR is still working the way it is supposed to. If the water soaks into your gear easily, it’s time to reapply/reproof your gear. We recommend DWR Spray-On treatments like Gear Aid’s Revivex Durable Water Repellant. For best results, follow the instructions listed on the bottle (or check out the “Spray-on” section of this page). Wash-in DWR treatments are not recommended as they coat all the surfaces of your gear (including the inside) with the DWR and may adversely affect the performance of the garment.

• Applying heat to the reflective material on the clothing will result in permanent damage

Improper Care:
• Only use the above method to clean Castle X clothing.
• Using other methods may damage the article of clothing

• Damage caused by improper cleaning/care is not covered under the warranty of the product