Billy Idol Has Surgery After Motorcycle Accident (A year ago…)

Billy Idol Has Surgery After Motorcycle Accident

Billy my Idol

“The singer recently had surgery to correct at a Beverly Hills Medical Center to correct his injured foot.

According to Sky News, Idol emerged from the hospital last week on crutches and wearing a cast on his right foot. Idol said on Twitter that he had surgery to “correct malformation of foot due to hitting a truck tire in road a year ago.”

Idol tweeted:

“Hit foot on shredded truck tire causing a hairline fracture a year a 1/2 ago and it was calcifying causing malform pain.”

Then later said:

“Motorcycling at around 60 mph when i hit the tire in the road. meanwhile tonight I’m crushing one of these percocet pills and shooting it!”

This isn’t the Idol’s first motorcycle accident. In 1990 the Rebel Yell singer was nearly killed when a car ran a stop sign and crashed into him on his bike.”

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