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Christie Green, Assistant Editor at American Snowmobiler magazine braved the #PolarVortex in her Castle Gear! Check out an excerpt of Christie’s review below.

With snowmobile season in full swing, your honey maybe feeling a little lonely and wanting to jump on the back of the sled for some quality time. Before handing her a pair of your old smelly boots and gear, take her to a local dealer and check out the variety of gear that is now specifically made for her! If she feels comfortable and semi-attractive, riding together will have less nagging and more woo-hoos.

As a woman on the staff, I have noticed the variety of options and fits for female riders has improved over the years. You can now look “cute” at the local watering hole after riding and less like a linebacker. This year’s season started earlier than normal for me, when I attended the New York Shootout with Associate Editor Ross Halvorson. We joked us attending it brought the most snow in the history of the event. With all the snow and temps dipping below zero, the base layers and gear I had on kept me happily filming and photographing all day. In addition, we rode the next day in upstate New York. And I learned that if you are “ejected” off your sled, by accident of course, having padding in the butt of your pant helps alleviate the bruising.

That padding came from Castle’s Fuel G4 pant. Castle’s Bliss jacket and Fuel G4 pant have delivered great resistance to the cold and Polar Vortex we have lived through this year. Wind and heavy wet snow challenged this gear in New York, and the gear just laughed in the face of it! In addition, I have received compliments on the cut of the jacket not looking bulky. An added plus, is this gear has pockets galore! There are so many pockets you can actually forget where you put your cellphone. Not that I would ever have that problem though.

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