Snowmobile sales increase, Gen Y starts sledding, ISMA reports

“Snowmobile sales rose 10% worldwide last season thanks to good snow accumulation, colder winter weather and an increase in interest by Generation Y, says the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA).


Sales of snowmobiles in North America, Europe and Russia totaled 123,063 compared to 111,492 units sold in the 2009-2010 season.

U.S. sales rose 5% to 51,796 snowmobiles being sold, up from 48,599 the previous season. The average price of a snowmobile decreased to $8,397.

The upward trend continued in Canada with an 8% increase in sales to 40,878 new sleds sold compared with 37,670 snowmobiles sold the previous season. The biggest percentage increase came from Europe and Russia where sales jumped 20% to 30,389 new snowmobile sales.

Registration numbers, a good measure of how many people are using their snowmobiles each season, increased too, hitting 1,550,158 snowmobiles compared to about 1,500,000 in the previous year. Canadian sled registration increased to 602,902 from 582,134 in 2009-2010. ISMA attributes the increase in snowmobile registrations to states and provinces seeing an expansion of their clubs’ membership numbers and new trails being developed.

ISMA says estimates indicate that snowmobiling generates $28 billion in economic activity each season.

The association also notes that the median age of snowmobilers is starting to track lower thanks to increased snowmobile interest from Generation Y. The average snowmobiler is now 43 years old. ISMA notes that there are more than 80 million Gen Y residents in the U.S., ranging from 19-35 years of age. Some would argue that figure also contains some of Gen X.

ISMA statistics also show snowmobilers rode 10% farther this season than in the past season. Snowmobilers averaged 1,141 miles compared to less than 1,000 miles the previous season.

By American Snowmobiler


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