Snowmobiling generates $28 billion in North America

Snowmobiling generates $28 billion in North America

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“ISMA is reporting that the snowmobile community generates over 28 billion dollars in economic activity in North America.

Snowmobiling supports over 90,000 full time jobs and generates millions of tax dollars, according to ISMA.

The production and sales of snowmobiles and the related products generates substantive economic impact and employment.  In addition, there are thousands of snowmobile dealers and distributors of snowmobile parts that generate significant economic impact locally and nationally.

The largest single impact of snowmobiling can be seen in studying the Tourism Activity reports.

In addition to snowmobile tourism, there are many snowmobiling events which generate millions of dollars of economic impact which are not considered in economic impact studies.  Whether it is a snowmobile grass drag, an oval race, snocross race or a hill climb, they all collectively have a positive impact on the economy.”

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Source: http://cs.amsnow.com/snocs/blogs/news/archive/2011/11/01/snowmobiling-generates-28-billion-in-north-america.aspx

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