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Tron Motorcycle Gets Electric Drivetrain Upgrade

Tron Motorcycle Gets Electric Drivetrain Upgrade

Tron cycle

“When the movie Tron came out, custom builders the Parker Brothers set out to create a driveable Tron lightcycle. The Parker Brothers motorcycle was an amazing futuristic looking motorcycle, but there was one thing amiss. It had a gas engine.

The Parker Brothers have redesigned their Tron Cycle to create a motorcycle that is even more Tron-like.

The new Tron Lightcycle is powered by 96-volt electric motor, that, according to Technabob, can propel the motorcycle to more than 100 mph. But you’ll just have to take their word for it. The only footage I could find of the new Tron Cycle took place in a mall parking lot with the bike crawling along at a cool 10 mph.


You can check out more about the new Tron Lightcycle here, and even enter a contest to win your own.”

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